Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Talk to us about hormone pellets in Amarillo, TX

As we age, our hormone levels begin to fluctuate. Testosterone levels begin lowering for men at age 25. Sustained low levels of testosterone could lead to a lower sex drive, sluggishness and heart disease. That's why The Medical Home Team in Amarillo, TX offers hormone treatment in the form of hormone replacement pellets.

Our hormone pellets are developed by an Arlington-based company called Pro-Pell. We'll design your hormone regimen to meet your specific needs.

Reach out to us right away to learn more about our hormone replacement therapies.

See how you can benefit from balancing your hormones

More people in their 40's and beyond are seeking medical assistance to balance their hormones. The hormone replacement pellets we offer in Amarillo, TX can help you get your life back together. Our hormone pellets:

  • Work to help control menopause
  • Can increase your sex drive
  • Will increase your energy and vitality

Our program, which prescribes dosage and hormone per individual patient, is designed to restore your hormonal balance. You'll see results as long as you stick to your regimen. Call 806-576-1095 today to schedule a consultation.

Propel Hormone Pellet Therapy

Patients need to come in for a consult, and lab work then we would recommend the correct hormone pellet amount as well as any supplements that could help you.

Hormone therapy can help with fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, and low energy.

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